The radiology clinic in YIACO consists of X-ray and Ultrasound.

The Ultrasound department is equipped with the “Philips” ultrasound color Doppler machine X-ray that is the latest state of art technology. All routine ultrasound studies like trans abdominal (for abdomen and obs. & gyne.), transvaginal/transrectal and small parts like neck, breast and scrotum may be carried out. The color Doppler is of high resolution and is very sensitive even for low flow. Peripheral as well as intrabdominal and obstetrical vascular evaluation is state of the art. Power Doppler for low flow is also directional. In addition, the 3D and 4D option is put to maximum use in obstetrical studies, especially helpful in studying the fetal face and giving an almost life like picture to the baby. The machine is also equipped with a cardiac package and may also be used to perform echocardiograms. In addition, option for printing color images is also available.

The X-ray unit is equipped with a machine capable of handling all routine x-rays. The radiology clinic is equipped to handle investigations in the area of

• X-ray
• Ultrasound


  • X-ray Unit-Radiographs of all bones and joints.
  • Ultrasound Abdomen, Pelvis, Thyroid, Scrotum and Neck.
  • Brain Ultrasound for the neonates
  • Doppler Services-Color Doppler Ultrasound for Veins and Arteries
  • Hip Ultrasound for Congenital dislocation of hip.
  • Dental Radiology unit for Dental X-Ray and Panoramic X-Rays