The Medicine Clinic offers a wide range of services for your day to day health care needs such as Primary Care, Screening Tests, Preventive Guidance, Pre-Marriage counseling and Tests are also offered at this clinic.


  • Treatments follow up of Infectious diseases acute and chronic-tonsilitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonitis, Genitourinary Infections, Gastrointestinal Infections, Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Infections.
  • Medical Management of Asthma/ Peptic Ulcer disease/ I.B.S Migraine, Kidney Stones/ Joint Pains etc.
  • Treatment of simple surgical cases – wound dressing, abscess and hemorrhoids etc.
  • Annual health checkups/ pre employment examinations/ health education.
  • Treatment and follow up of Diabetes/ Hypertension/ Hypothyroidism.
  • Treatment of Endocrine Diseases like thyroid illnesses.
  • Treating High Cholesterol, High uric acid and joint pains.
  • Kidney and Liver related problems.
  • The center has facilities of ECG, Stress Tests, Echocardiography, Cardiac Doppler Studies.
  • The various services offered by this clinic are the General Health Check, Executive Health check, Comprehensive and Preventive Heart Check, Comprehensive Hypertension & Diabetic care.
  • The Health Checks include The Master Health Check, The Well Women Health Check and The Child Health Check.
  • The Executive Health Check includes the Treadmill Stress test and Echocardiogram.
  • Treatment of hypertension & heart related illnesses.
  • Stress test (TMT).
  • Holter Monitor