The ENT Clinic offers a wide range of services to ENT patients as well as routine check-ups and consultations.


        • Diagnosis and Management of all types of ENT disease.
        • Management of Vertigo.
        • Management of Voice disorders, stammering, stuttering, abnormal sound in sleep, snoring.
        • Management of Allergies.
        • Diagnosis, Management and advice regarding infant and children’s ENT related diseases.
        • Advice regarding ENT fitness before going to major surgeries and occupational tests.
        • Post OP ENT surgery Management, Management of all types injuries in ENT area.
        • Headache evaluation and Management.
        • Evaluation and management of thyroid case and facial palsy.
        • Evaluation of Hearing problems, Advice regarding hearing AIDS.
        • Diagnosis and advice regarding communicable disease like flu, influenza.