drudicta comments on the bikini bottom bitch niggas

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drudicta comments on the bikini bottom bitch niggas

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Yarhar, shiver me timbers or I do it meself.” She the “pirate princess” because she went to an upper class school that had a yachting club, and she grew to love boating and sailing in general. Kairi carries the ship wheel and does a few sailing themed actions in her entrance, but that the extent of it. She just a cute woman who likes to sail, thus she is the pirate princess..

Every single time the Democrats have inched right, Republicans dove further right and said ‘they won’t meet us halfway!’ to the point where the president makes excuses for Nazis marching in the street.But if Democrats take over, there won’t be any incentive to spur innovation and human technological growth, and then America’s GDP will drop to as low as all the other countries in the EU with more democratic policies.Oh totally, thank god we have red states like Alabama to prop up the failing GDP of California and New York /s.(Also, ‘checks and balances’ does not refer to a two party system.)Do you understand the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college?Less than half the people voted for Trump. More than half the people voted for Hillary. Yet Trump is president.The rest of your argument seems to be based on the idea that the popular majority wanted trump since that premise is wrong, there’s a lot of flaws in the rest of your evidence.MOST people do not like Trump.MOST people believe Trump is a self serving liar.MOST people see his bullshit with backing out of helpful accords (Paris, Iran, trade arguments with Canada and China, etc) and understand the damage this will do to our country.MOST people understand what it means to point out that the republicans have been in control of all branches of the government and still haven’t accomplished anything except a tax break that many of the wealthy didn’t actually even want.The only people that still like trump are either in it for their own personal enrichment or have fallen into a cult of personality..

And in general, you could get away with healing about a third less than you do right now.Specific dps critiques: look at these.Use the time from 1 to keep your dots rolling always.Use your offensive buffs more: you have 2 casts of thin air and 1 cast of PoM. These should be used at the start of the fight and kept on cooldown always.Cast WAY less cure2 and medica2.Holy during add phase to make things easier on everyone.Probably just improve your fight knowledge. Overhealing usually comes from not knowing the fight well enough.

I also wanted to challenge myself by not using an Archer on a map that consisted half of Fliers. Enter cheap bikinis Subaki, who has enough Def to tank even the green fliers. What a guy.. Over many more loops Vrataski trains Cage to excel in combat. After one frustrating lesson Cage visits London and discovers that the Mimics will attack there after defeating the UDF in France. Cage also begins having visions of the dam in Germany that the Omega is hiding in.

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