Our Nutrition & Diet Clinic offers its clients a chance to reach all their health goals, regardless of whether they are looking to gain, lose, or maintain their weight. Our team of experts cater meal plans specifically to each person’s lifestyle and needs. Nutritionists advise customers in private and in confidence, helping them overcome their diet challenges and achieve their health goals, leading them to a better lifestyle.


  • Body composition analysis machine to measure body fat, water and muscle mass, metabolic age and daily calorie needs.
  • Weight management and maintenance in children and adults (overweight and underweight)
  • Pre-and post-bariatric surgery diet programs (sleeve, bypass, balloon)
  • Pregnancy & lactation nutrition
  • Specialized programs for athletes.
  • Monitoring of medical conditions and diseases: diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and gastric diets (Crohn’s disease and irritable   bowel syndrome, heart burns, ulcers, reflux etc.)